Brand Concept

classic plus wit(クラシック プラス ウィット)





The brand concept is “classic plus wit”.

Using the traditional high jewelry making technique, NIS creates simple and beautiful collection with playful mind.

Based on the theme of “An art like a jewelry, a jewelry like an art”, NIS produces not only jewelry, but also display, box and artwork to showcase the brand identity..

The inspiration comes from a childhood fantasy of “treasures” or a playful mind which enjoys funky designs using synthetic jewels. But at the same time, NIS sticks to classical techniques as a “real jewelry” focusing on cutting and line.

“Sweet and elegant”, women with their own style can enjoy this comfortable contrast and that would add a bit of sparkle to their lives.


Designer Profile

Yuki Nishizono 


Nishizono acquired jewelry making techniques after learning dyeing at college.

He established his own brand NIS in December 2009 after the experience in order-made jewelry company.

In addition to design and creation of jewelries, Nishizono also works for jewelry box design and display and artwork creation. His whole creation represents the world of NIS which is combination of art and craftsmanship.


After Care